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Composite Contact Strips

Metal Contact Composite Contact Strip is an advanced production technology that seeks to incorporate electrical contact on different metal material strips. The primary advantage of combining different metals is reflected in material cost saving which seeks to replace certain area with less expensive metal material without sacrificing functionality. Another advantage of using composite strip is the flexibility to increase conductivity on specific contact area without additional electrical contact components. Realized through multiple processes, metal composite strip is available in 2 variation, namely Overlay Composite Strip and Recessed Composite Strip.



Overlay Composite Strip

Overlay composite combines different type of metal by layering them into one strip utilizing cladding methodology. Available in either dual or multi-layer configuration, the material layer and sequence can be customized according to individual request.

Material Configuration*

- Silver Nickel / Copper / Iron (AgNi / Cu / Fe)

- Fine-Grain Silver Nickel / Copper / Iron (FAgNi / Cu / Fe)

- Silver Cadmium Oxide / Copper / Iron ( AgCdO / Cu / Fe)

- Silver Tin Oxide / Copper / Iron (AgSnO / Cu / Fe)

* Material layer can be customized on request.



Recessed Composite Strip

Recessed composite enables a specified width of silver alloy to be embedded onto a base material such as Cu. The number of continuous silver alloy strips as well as specified length of silver alloy strip can be embedded at fixed interval as per client requirements.

Material Configuration*

- Silver Nickel / Copper (AgNi / Cu)

- Fine-Grain Silver Nickel / Copper (FAgNi / Cu)

- Silver Cadmium Oxide / Copper  ( AgCdO / Cu)

- Silver Tin Oxide / Copper (AgSnO / Cu)

* Material layer can be customized on request.

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