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Quality Control

Physics Analysis Station

Comprises of testing equipments to test the following material’s physical attributes: Tensile Strength, Hardness, Density, Electrical Resistant, Metallography, ROHS Compliance, Carbon Sulfur Analysis, Powder Sample Density and Fluidity, Average Grain Diameter, Particle Size Distribution and Plating Layer Thickness.


Microstructure Analysis Station

Primarily used to determine the microstructure, material stability and qualitative analysis of material using spectrometer and spectrophotometer. The 3 main equipments used are Zeiss EVO 18 Scan & Energy Spectrometer, Ultima 2 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer and Rayleigh WFX-130 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.


Chemical Analysis Station

Comprises of a wide variety of chemicals including high purity, standard purity, superior pure reagent with distilled water and far infrared acid and alkali resistant temperature control furnace for detail analysis of the purity content of silver, cadmium, tin, zinc, nickel raw material with tolerance less than 0.2%.


Electrical Testing Station

Primarily used to determine the maximum lifespan of contactors, relays, electrical plugs, electrical sockets and switches. Using a Relay LifeSpan Testing System and HD-LL-3K Plug & Switch LifeSpan Testing Machine, multiple digital electrical signals are simulated through setting of various electrical parameters (i.e. input current, electricity on/off timing interval) to determine the durability of the electrical contacts.

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