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Research & Development

Since 2011, Juxing had integrated special power metallurgy technology into the manufacturing chain and had successfully developed Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO2) contact material which offers high resistance to welding, burn out and low material transfer.

At the same year, the R&D division had been established to further the technological advancement of contact materials with increased conductivity properties and the incorporation of the latest technology in the manufacturing chain to achieve better functionality and competitively priced electrical contact.

With over 40 invention utility patents awarded in the field of electrical contact and official recognition as the Enterprise Research Institute since 2016, Juxing is well equipped with the technical knowhow and technologies to bring exceptional values to all electrical contact requirements for all clients.


Juxing accreditation as the Enterprise Research Institute  in 2020


Invention Patent Awarded to Juxing in 2021 for the invention of full automated reverse silver contact riveting mechanism

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