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Engineer Fixing Machine


Material Production Workstation

Faciliates the production of contact materials based on specific formulation. Materials are currently processed using 3 different methods: Powder Metallurgy, Internal Oxidation and Powder Oxidation.

The workstation illustrated is the power metallurgy processing station where silver powder is combined with secondary metal powder, melted in a molten state followed by forming onto the required size and subsequently undergo the sinter process.


Oxidation Processing Centre

Oxidation is an important process in the production of silver oxide contact material. Utilizing the latest internal oxidation technology, silver oxide contact materials such as AgCdO, AgSnO2In203, AgCuO and AgZnO can be manufactured precisely in secured enclosure while eliminating external contamination.


Component Processing Workshop

The component processing workshop comprises of a wide variety of machineries that realize shape and form by undergoing automated progressive stamping and shape forming processes. Silver contacts are subsequently assembled onto the finished components through automated riveting, chemical metallurgy welding or in-mould welding process.


Rivet Production Workshop

Automated rivet production machines are used to produce contact rivets according to specific dimensions. Fully automated with auto feeder, the raw material is transported to the rivet production machine, compressed and formed into the required size and dimensions before contact components are secured onto the rivets.


Vacuum Gold Plating Workstation

Vacuum gold plating, otherwise known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), produces a better external finishing and functional coating layer(s) that are more corrosive resistant compared to conventional gold plating. Electrical contact components that undergo this process will possess brilliant decorative and functionality (with improved conductivity) that are more resistant to external environmental conditions.


Welding Component Workstation

Assembly of silver alloy contacts on components (primarily copper) is a crucial process as it would affect the conductivity, electrical resistant and lifespan of the finished electrical component. In-mould welding is the latest manufacturing technology that requires only metal alloy wire and copper belt to produce the final electrical contact components. This process facilitate market competitiveness by reducing work processes and component cost without sacrificing usage performance.

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