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Silver Contact Rivets

Silver contact rivet series comprises of electrical silver alloy contact rivets that are commonly used in circuit breaker, relays, thermal control, switches and EDM applications. Our range of contact rivets are available in 3 variation, Solid, Bi-Metal and Tri-Metal contact rivets. The available contact head material includes a wide assortment ranging from silver to multiple silver oxide material with copper as the primary base. 



Solid Contact Rivet

Solid Contact Rivet is a complete rivet that utilizes a single combination of silver alloy material. Manufactured using automated cold heading machines, the required silver alloy and head configuration can be customized depending on the final application.

Material Configuration*

- Fine-Grain Silver Nickel (FAgNi)
- Silver Nickel (AgNi)
- Silver Copper (AgCu)
- Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO)

* Other materials are available on request.



Bi-Metal Contact Rivet

Bi-Metal Contact Rivet is made up of 2 material where the rivet head comprises of silver alloy material with the remaining part in copper. Manufactured using special technology by combining 2 materials in wire form, it is more cost effective compared to solid contact rivet.

Material Configuration*

- Silver-Nickel / Copper (AgNi/Cu)
- Silver / Copper (Ag/Cu)
- Silver Cadmium Oxide / Copper (AgCdO/Cu)
- Silver Tin Oxide / Copper (AgSnO2/Cu)
- Silver Zinc Oxide / Copper (AgZnO/Cu)
- Silver Copper Oxide / Copper (AgCuO/Cu)

* Other material combinations are available on request.



Tri-Metal Contact Rivet

Tri-Metal Contact Rivet is similar to the Bi-Metal counterpart with the exception that the end of the rivet base (shank) is manufactured with the same silver alloy as what was allocated on the rivet head. The remaining area at the center comprises of copper.

Material Configuration*

- Silver / Copper / Ag (Ag/Cu/Ag)

- Silver-Nickel / Copper / Silver-Nickel  (AgNi/Cu/AgNi)

- Silver Cadmium Oxide / Copper / Silver Cadmium Oxide 


- Silver Tin Oxide / Copper / Silver Tin Oxide


- Silver Zinc Oxide / Copper / Silver Zinc Oxide


- Silver Copper Oxide / Copper / Silver Copper Oxide


* Other material combinations are available on request.

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