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We Deliver Qualified Electrical Contact

One Stop Solution Provider for Standard and Customized Electrical Contact

Contact Materials


Our electrical contact material series comprises of a wide range of contact wires in multiple material configurations and composite contact strips that are used vastly in circuit breaker, relays, thermal control, switches and consumer electronics.  

Contact wires are available either in pure silver (Ag) or silver alloy materials which are customizable to specific applications. Composite contact strip is a new contact material technology that embed electrical contacts on different metal strips.

Electrical Contacts


Composite Welding Contact

Our electrical contact series comprises of electrical contact rivets and flake contact plates that are commonly used in circuit breaker, relays, thermal control, switches and EDM applications.  


Silver contact rivets are available in 3 variations, Solid, Bi-Metal and Tri-Metal contact rivets. Flake contact plates comprises of silver and silver alloy with various electrical conductivity properties.  Composite welding contact typically comprises of 3 layers of metal material with iron base, is developed specially for ease of welding.

Assembled Components


Assembled contact component plays a critical role in electric current control as it determines the functionality and reliability of electrical current control devices such as switches, relays, circuit breakers and contactors.


Depending on the design of the electrical circuitry and the shape of the final assembled part, 4 different methodology was deployed to secure the electrical contact to their copper component counterpart, namely through riveting, welding, stamping and a combination of all of the 3 processes.

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