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All-in-One Contact Solution Provider

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Position as a single stop provider for electrical contact, Juxing production also encompasses the production of all contact components used in electrical power distribution and protection devices.

With the accelerated growth in the demand for electrical contact and to minimize the compatibility assembly issues arising from multiple manufacturers, Juxing had established internal automated manufacturing facilities that includes progressive stamping, CNC turned and milled metal components used in power distribution and protection devices.

“Single Point of Contact for all Electrical Contact Assembled Module.”

By establishing the component manufacturing division, we are the single point of contact for our clients whom are able to benefit from the following:

1. Increase production efficiency

2. Significantly reduce time to market

3. Competitive pricing

4. Quality Assurance.


Juxing is the major specialized manufacturer of electrical silver contacts for electrical, electronics and automotive industry since 1996. Equipped with advanced R&D capability and production technology, we are the one stop vertical integrated solution provider with competitive pricing to all electrical contact needs that covers the entire supply spectrum commencing from R&D, raw material manufacturing to final product assembly. The end applications of our products are primarily electrical power distribution and protection devices including circuit breakers, electrical contactor, relays, thermostat controls, automotive switches, sockets and switches.

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